International PMU & Tattoo Removal Educator since 1996


Linda Paradis is a Dermographist and international trainer in Dermopigmentation since 1996. She is the first international leader to develop and launch a safe and non-invasive technique for tattoo removals. This miraculous procedure is marketed as an alternative to laser tattoo removals and surgical excisions.

In 2006, Linda developed her unique tattoo removal method, which guarantees exceptional results, without the use of laser or risky surgeries. The differentiating and most important factor with Linda’s tattoo removal technique is the concept of the Square Needles 88RS paired with the specially formulated removal solution with a pH 8.5. This combination ensures no inflammation or scars on the client’s skin following the removal procedure.

Laser tattoo removals and surgical excisions are painful and can cause indiscriminate damage to the surrounding skin tissue resulting in scarring. This miracle solution for permanent makeup and body art ink removal is a safe and effective alternative to laser removals and surgical excisions.

Linda Paradis, CEO and founder of Linda Paradis Group, is a renowned tattoo removal trainer. With over 25 years of industry experience as a clinical practitioner, trainer, and international examiner, Linda continues to enhance and broaden her knowledge of the skin and travels worldwide to share her findings with industry professionals, physicians, and other educators in her global tattoo removal training courses.
As a reputed and assiduous leader within the tattoo removal industry, Linda Paradis explores the world in search of exclusivity and innovation, putting her customers’ satisfaction and safety first. With this as a driving factor, Linda continues to help her clients achieve their desired goals of removing unwanted permanent makeup or body art with her remarkable tattoo removal technique. She obtained the Oscar of Innovation Award in 2004 at the Mondial Beauté in Paris and the charter for the quality and ongoing importance of her work.
As a recognized leader in the tattoo removal industry, Linda provides professional trainings and speaks at conferences worldwide.


Faculty of Medicine Saint German des Pres


Faculty of Medicine Saint German des Pres (1 Year)

Faculty of Dentistry


Faculty of Dentistry (2 Years)

International trade at University Dauphine Paris


International trade at University Dauphine Paris (1 Year)

Degree in Mandarin at the University of Languages and Culture of Beijing.


Degree in Mandarin at the University of Languages and Culture of Beijing.

Thirsting for knowledge and sharing her passion with the world of Dermopigmentation, Linda is driven to always seek the best from the best in the industry. She has traveled across the globe from New York to Paris, Berlin to London, Moscow, Sydney, Johannesburg, Florida, Vietnam, Taiwan and many other destinations and she continues to multiply her apparitions to share her experiences in the world of aesthetic and medical Dermopigmentation.
Selected for her talent by the international press, the newspaper "France soir" dedicated a complete interview on the Dermopigmentation to her in 2003.
Orbit TV Beyrouth and numerous Asian, Russian, American, and European articles have been written about Linda and her astounding tattoo removal technique. Linda’s motto is “Innovation and Sharing”.

Tattoo removal MasterClass - Saint Petersburg, Russia (2016)
White Diamond Collection - Special Linda Paradis Group
International Assembly of Permanent Make Up - Moscow, Russia (2016)
Tattooremoov Treatment



To provide you with the adequate education and necessary knowledge and experience to use her products, Linda provides seminars, in-depth educational training courses on her tattoo removal technique, and hands-on workshops with professionals and experts.


Tattoo Remoov from Linda Paradis is the most advanced and effective product in tattoo removal; it is a non-laser and non-surgical method, made of non-acidic components. Tattoo Remoov is applied on the skin and used with Needle 88RS to remove all tattoo colors without pain, redness, inflammation, or scarring.


Linda Paradis’ Dermo Power Pen is ISO and FDA approved. The Dermo Power Pen is among the best in the industry providing a high performing design and versatility for use with all permanent makeup procedures and removal services. When used with the 88RS needles for tattoo ink extractions, you can expect a smooth experience with no vibrations and ease of use, without ever penetrating the skin.


We run worldwide conferences, workshops, trainings for beginners and profesionals, and cosmetics events where we can offer you one of the most brilliant experiences in tattoo removal's industry, with our unique and high-tech products.