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Rethinking the ink

We’ve all been guilty of indulging in some form of body ink over the years. It could have been your best friend’s initials on your pinky finger or a bigger design down your spine from an exotic holiday in Thailand. The problem is that this form of momentary self-expression is permanent. So how can you rethink the ink? Meet internationally renowned trainer in dermo-pigmentation since 1996 and founder of Linda Paradis Group, who formulated a method in 2006, to aid painless removal of ink.

How it Works

“Tattoo Remoov 88RS used along with Cartridges 88RS is a fast and painless treatment for ink removal. There is no need for numbing the surface, no scarring, and fast visible results. It is definitely the future of ink removal and the alternative for those who want to avoid laser surgeries,” explains Linda.

Reasons to Remove

According to Linda, a lot of people with ink tend to regret their decisions later when they’re faced with corporate situations or early parenthood. “As teenagers, getting yourself inked is a trend; some of it has deeper meanings so we carry it until we’re adults too. But there are still many professions, which wouldn’t accept visible ink, and hence people opt for removal.” In fact, past studies have shown that 50 percent of people with ink opt to remove it permanently at some later stage in life. “For the past 20 to 30 years, the only available method for ink removal is laser surgery which is an expensive and extensive process causing major scarring, but with Tattoo Remoov 88RS professional formula, this is changing,” she tells.

Safety Factor

Tattoo Remoov 88RS used with Cartridges 88RS is safe to use on face and body, and Linda adds how this is not a fader but an actual ink remover. “Tattoo Remoov 88RS is the economical option for ink removal with a bottle of it lasting for 15 to 20 treatments. Secondly, with each usage the pigments go definitively out from your skin. This action occurs right from the first session.”


Tattoo Remoov 88RS kit also includes after care products, which are enriched with organic substances. Linda Paradis’ Tattoo Remoov 88RS is also applicable for removal of cosmetic ink through semi permanent makes up procedures on lips, eyes, eyebrows, and so on.

Non-invasive & non-laser tattoo removal technique



People get tattoos to be unique, independent and bring attention to specific life experience. There is a different story behind each tattoo. Similarly, everyone has his own reason to get removed his tattoos. Sometimes, the tattoo becomes regret and one just wish to get rid of it. Some reasons of tattoo removal include breakup, military joining, beloved disliked the tattoo, tattoo boredom, changing mindset, change in interests, shifting trends, varying personal tastes, unprofessional attitude, workplace strictness, career ambition, awful artwork, spelling mistake in the tattoo, looks bad in appearance.  Any reason among these may motivate a person to remove his/her tattoo.

When people come for non laser tattoo removal, they always seek for a safest and non-invasive technique for tattoo removal. Non Laser Tattoo removal industry has been working for many years on the base of traditional tattoo removal techniques which are not safe. Common traditional techniques include laser surgery and surgical removal. Due to the increasing demand for the safest tattoo removal technique, Linda Paradis developed tattoo remove 88.

What is the technique behind tattoo removal without laser?

Tattoo remoov88 is a unique and revolutionary technique in the history of the tattoo removal industry. Tattoo remove 88 is the only tattoo removal technique without laser. It is the safest technique ever used for tattoo removal. It is non-invasive. Tattoo remoov88 gives fast visible results without causing any side effect. When traditional techniques are used to remove unwanted ink from the skin, then this painful removal leaves scars. Tattoo remoov88 removes permanent makeup and body art without passing through a painful procedure. To develop this technique, Linda Paradis has conducted comprehensive research on this area. After a great hard work and multiple experiments, she invented non laser tattoo removal ink named Tattoo remoov88.  It is a risk-free tattoo removal solution. It has a non-acidic composition. It is a method of tattoo removal without laser which does not require any surgical treatment at all. Tattoo removal 88 is compatible with every type of skin. It has a basic pH of 9.5. It protects your skin from any solar effect such as sunburn. It also keeps your skin moist and prevents dehydration. Tatoo remoov88 ink is not irritating to the skin such as laser do. The unique composition of tattoo remoov88 prevents the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Tattoo remoov88 includes water in its composition. About 40% amount of water is used in tattoo remoov88. Presence of water is highly beneficial for the skin. Water presence keeps your skin moisturized therefore; it adds healthy effect to your skin.  Tattoo removal without laser uses square-shaped needles to remove tattoos. Typically shaped needles lead to the formation of Keloid scars on the skin. Moreover, such needles work unevenly on the skin thus cause redness and scars.

Unique Features of Tattoo remoov88

Tattoo remoov88 performs tattoo removal without laser. It is widely used to remove PMU (Permanent Makeup) and body tattoos. It exclusively uses cartrides88. Tattoo remoov88 has following unique features:

              • It is 100% risk-free. Tattoo remoov88 tattoo removal without laser does not cause redness, inflammation, and scars.
              • It does not involve collagen induction when used with cartridges 88.
              • It has an appropriate pH (9.5), rather than being alkaline or acidic.
              • It does not include any acid.
              • It does not include lactic acid, saline solution, and Trichloroacetic acid.
              • It does not include carcinogenic ingredients.
              • It is effective to remove any color including white, blue, red and beige. Tattoo remoov88 tattoo removal without laser does not remove selective colors only instead it removes all colors.
              • Tattoo remoov88 non laser tattoo removal removes every kind of pigment including synthetic pigments, acrylics oxides, and even ink.
              • Tattoo remoov88 tattoo removal without laser does not create any crust.
              • Tattoo remoov88 non laser tattoo removal is safe, quick and simple to use.
              • Tattoo remoov88 tattoo removal without laser is a unique method for migrated pigments around eyeliner and lips.
              • It is registered by CPNP.
              • The use of Tattoo Remoov88 stimulates rapid regeneration of treated skin.
              • It is effective for microblading removal.
              • Tattoo Remoov88 tattoo removal without laser has short intervals between its sessions. For example; for PMU it requires only 2-3 weeks interval between sessions and for body art, it requires only 4-5 weeks interval between sessions.
              • Tattoo remoov88 is hypoallergenic.
              • Tattoo remoov88 has active ingredients for skin regeneration after treatment.
              • It is an economical treatment. For 15-20 treatments, only one bottle of tattoo remoov88 is enough.
              • Tattoo remoov88 is a very simple treatment which does not require many years of experience of the practitioner.
              • Tattoo remoov88 completely removes tattoo ink rather than fading the ink.
              • No bleaching agents are used in Tattoo Remoov88.
              • Tattoo remoov88 does not use laser for ink removal.
              • Tattoo Remoov88 tattoo removal without laser does not cause any burning or bleeding.

The science behind Tattoo Remoov88

Tattoo remoov88 works with cartridge88 to remove tattoo ink permanently. Square shaped needles of cartridge88 smoothly move on the dermis in particular directions such as up-down and back-forth. Tattoo remoov88 raises the temperature of epidermis water. Tattoo remoov88 is cable to identify ferric and iron oxide pigments. Tattoo remoov88 expels ink pigments from the skin. Expelled ink is of light green color. Combination of metal oxides with ferric and ferrous oxides leads to the change in color of ink pigments. During non laser tattoo removal sessions a person can involve in any physical activity such as gaming, spa, and shower because it does not require any special care.

Aftercare products:

The procedure of tattoo removal without laser also includes aftercare products as well such as purify cleanser, cleansing gel, and aftercare creams. Aftercare products are made up of organic substances such as parabens, petroleum, sunflower, vitamin A &E, Beeswax, Levander, Jojoba oil, Shee Butter, Lemon oil and orange oil, apple, Japanese Green Tea, Hops & Sea Algae, purified water, Marigold & Cucumber, Chamomile flower extracts Fruit acids etc.