The E-DERMIS pen engineering and design has been conceived from A to Z by Linda Paradise and her engineering team. Linda is a leading Cosmetic Tattoo artist who has been conducting training in the field of Dermo Pigmentation for more than 24 years.

Through her years of experience and working with many different hand pieces, Linda Paradis decided to put her knowledge and experience at work and offer her customers the E-DERMIS pen.

Working Areas of Dermo Power Pen:

The E-DERMIS pen is specifically designed to remove tattoos procedures as well cosmetic tattoos as scalp micropigmentation, PMU eye-shadow, PMU eyeliner, PMU full lip work, PMU contouring, PMU eyebrows, Microblading.. PMU is a term which is used for permanent makeup. Permanent makeup tattoo work is usually done in the form of hair strokes, eyebrow shaping, the icy effect on lips, lips contouring, eye-shadows and eye-liners. Dermo power pen is suitable to use in all these permanent makeup areas.

Specifications of E-DERMIS Pen:

·             E-DERMIS Pen is certified by FDA standards and ISO

·             E-DERMIS Pen is designed with German motor which is very efficient and powerful. It is a tight-lipped outfit with no vibration.

·             E-DERMIS Pen is designed with high-quality deck mechanism therefore, it provides quality performance.

·             E-DERMIS Pen is excellent to remove permanent makeup tattoos.

·             E-DERMIS Pen is convenient to use with efficient performance.

·             E-DERMIS Pen has  a long working time capacity, therefore it does not heat-up with long sessions treatments.

·             E-DERMIS Pen is flexible to use. It enables you to create and draw any style or shape that is needed.

·             E-DERMIS pen comes with a 6 months warranty. Your face is the most sensitive area to work on and this is why we offer our customers the    E-DERMIS pen, a  reliable product to use for your treatments on, your face or body. 



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