Some people may have mild side effects after a tattoo removal treatment. Aftercare is highly important and recommended simply because after a tattoo removal treatment, the treated area may be infected by scabbing, blistering, swelling or bruising. These problems may lead to discomfort, you can reduce this discomfort by using a good aftercare. Linda Paradis offers ‘‘Tattoo Remoov Aftercare’’ which is a cream to be used after tattoo removal treatment.

Aftercare protocol requirement after each session:

Linda Paradis offers a wide range of aftercare creams with different compositions depending on organic ingredients such as jojoba oil, lemon oil, orange oil, and other organic ingredients. A different cream is to be applied after each session depending on the nature and intensity of the wound or infection. Tattoo Remoov aftercare 20G protects the skin completely and keeps your skin moisturized permanently.

Composition of Tattoo Remoov aftercare 20G:

Composition of Tattoo Remoov aftercare cream is 100% organic. Ingredients of tattoo Remoov aftercare cream include parabens, petroleum & sulfate free, Vitamins A&E, Sunflower, Lavender, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Lemon oil and Orange oil. The after care is made up of natural elements like orange oil, jojoba oil, lemon oil, shea butter, beeswax, etc, it provides the perfect protection to the skin.

Directions to apply Tattoo Remoov aftercare cream:

Linda Paradis has an expert team of technicians who are highly trained in the tattoo removal process. Our expert technicians provide aftercare solutions and guidelines to the tattoo removal patients. Moreover, they observe your skin situation and recommend the aftercare tattoo Remoov cream to be applied.

The following directions are required to be followed to apply aftercare Tattoo Remoov cream:

  • Clean and dry the treated area
  • Apply tattoo Remoov aftercare cream as per directed.
  • To remove discomforts apply a cold compress.
  • If you need to go in the sun, cover the treated area.



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