What is Snow Lips Technique

SNOW LIPS is a technic developed in early 2016 by Linda Paradis.

The beauty of our lips is one of the important factors to make us look attractive. We always like to have naturally soft, plump red lips. However, natural aging, hereditary factors, and several other issues affect the original look of our lips. Although we use balm and cream to restore our lips’ health, they are not always effective. That is why modern cosmetic treatments are the best options to solve our lip issues. There are lots of non-invasive lip treatments, and the most reliable one of them is SNOW LIPS.

Dark lips

Your lips can lose the natural red color of your lips due to daily smoking habits and the presence of high iron in your body. Genetic factors may also contribute to this problem. Moreover, the overuse of lipstick can cause a high lead in your mucus lips.

Mature lips

Ageing is another factor affecting the look of your lips. However, the technologically advanced treatment, SNOW LIPS, will let you get back the best condition of your lips.

To recover the permanent pigmentation of lips

The ICY LIPS technique has the potential to repair and restore your mucus skin layer. That is why you will find a beautiful look of your lips.

To have a youthful look of the lips

Some of us are not pleased with our lips. To add softness to the lips and make them look glossy, you can try out the ICY LIPS technique.

What do you need for the SNOW ICY LIPS treatment?

SNOW LIPS uses the  solution EDERMIS – TATTOO REMOOV88 and specifically the Magnetic cartridge 88 /132.
The strong 300 Gauss Magnet of 88 /132 Round Square needles, gently stimulates the renewal of the first layer of mucus lips,  without damaging the lips texture.
The high power magnetic of the needles plus E-Dermis Tattoo Remoov88 will expulse the leads molecules contained in lips, iron, or any massive metallic particles from lips and parallel, a gentle renewal of the superficial lips layer’skin .

Snow Lips Tips