What is Snow Lips Technique?

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1 – SNOW LIPS is a technic developed in early 2016 by Linda Paradis.

It is For Dark lips ( cause can be hereditary, smokers, hight iron in the body, high lead in mucus lips from overuse lipstick );

2 – For Mature lips
3 – Before a permanent make-up or the ICY LIPS technique, because lips will recover good quality mucus skin,
4 – To give a youthful and fresh touch to the lips with softness and without harming lips.

SNOW LIPS uses the solution EDERMIS – TATTOO REMOOV88 and specifically the Magnetic cartridge 88 /132.
The strong 300 Gauss Magnet of 88 /132 Round Square needles gently stimulates the renewal of the first layer of mucus lips, without damaging the lips texture.

The high power magnetic of the needles plus E-Dermis Tattoo Remoov88 will expulse the leads molecules contained in lips, iron, or any massive metallic particles from lips and parallel, a gentle renewal of the superficial lips layer’skin.



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